Posted by: endobitch | May 19, 2009

Bloody Hell is Bloody Brilliant

All righty then. Let’s get right down to it. (Endobitch: Yay!)


Today’s topic:

Why does the UK have such a fabulous endometriosis awareness campaign and the U.S. has absolutely squat?

BloodyHellThe United Kingdom has gone and done it again. They certainly don’t let the grass grow under their feet. They’re not afraid of controversy, and they’re certainly not afraid of offending someone. They’ve created the coolest, most effective endo awareness campaign we’ve ever seen. (Endobitch: You mean there’s more than one? We’ve never seen anything that comes close to an awareness campaign.)  It’s called Bloody Hell. Seriously, what could be more appropriate than that? (Endobitch: Nothing. Nada. Not a thing, Endobitch girlfriend.) We just like saying it: Bloody hell. Bloody Hell. Bloody hell. Why? Because it’s so frickin’ true.

Endometriosis is not a new thing, now is it? Our cruel little buddy (Endobitch: Let’s call him Bastard Buddy!) has been around the block a time or two and has learned how to kick the asses of all the nice little neighborhood girls. And we’ve put up with him. We’ve put our tails between our legs and let Bastard Buddy kick us to ground. We’ve learned how to suffer and keep our mouths shut. Why? Well, we can give you one good reason out of many: Because there is no national awareness campaign in the U.S. that really gets to the heart of the matter. There is no one out there kicking and screaming and shouting: We’re mad as Bloody Hell and we’re not gonna take it anymore! No, we’ve left that to the Brits. Without an awareness campaign we will never, and we mean never, get the kind of attention, care, and funding we need to find a cure for this devastating disease.

So here are a few key questions we’d like everyone to consider:

  • How can there be more women with endometriosis than breast cancer, but no one seems to know (or care) about it?
  • Why is there no specialized funding source dedicated to conducting research for a cure, when so many women’s lives are ruined by this disease?
  • Why do our families, friends, and co-workers think we’re faking it every time we’re in agony?
  • Why do people that know nothing about endometriosis compare our pain to the kidney stones they had when they were twelve?

We’ll tell you why. Because nothing has been done educate those in power. What does that mean? Those in power = those with the ability to change this crappy situation. Those that can designate funding for research. Those that have the ability to create understanding and awareness about this disease. Those that have the keys to endo city. (Endobitch: Politicians. Health officials. Millionaires. Where did the idea: “Do the most good for the most people” go?) They don’t know enough to be concerned enough to take action. There’s always something more important. (Endobitch: Right on, endosister.)

We think a national, U.S. endometriosis awareness campaign is in order. It should be advocated for, initiated, and funded by the National Department of Health. But not in isolation. Just for fun, let’s throw collaboration into the pot and say that the Edometriosis Association and other national initiatives working toward a cure should help to create, implement, and fund this campaign. Let’s get serious about kicking this disease to the curb. This campaign should include funding for research, a national “walk” to raise money for research, a national media campaign to raise understanding and awareness –  and while we’re at it – let’s throw in money to cover all the medical expenses not covered by our insurance. And we’re just getting started. Screw the a-wipes that don’t care because “this isn’t a life threatening disease.” Are you totally messing with us? Seriously? Since when does a disease that prevents us from working, paying our bills, taking care of our families, enjoying the one life we have, and going under the knife over and over again not qualify as life threatening? Challenge us. We dare you. (Endobitch: Sorry. No can do. You’re kind of scarey Endobitch…)

And since we’re stirring up the pot, we’ll kick the whole thing off by making the first contribution. We’ve come up with a couple of campaign slogans that we think would garner a wee bit of o’ttention. How about these:

  • Life’s a bitch –  and so am I – because of endometriosis.
  • Don’t let life cramp your style when endometriosis can do it for you.
  • Stick with endometriosis and it will stick your insides to you.
  • There is one pain I often feel, that you will never know, and it is endo.

We could go on, but why bother? Until the major players in the endo world step up to the plate and take this on, we’re just wasting our time. We’re doing our part, now it’s their turn.

There. We’ve said it. Got it? ‘Nuf said.



  1. I love the first one. I can’t get enough of the British one though. I wonder if we could steal/share their idea and just bring it over to the US? It would be quite interesting to start a site with a campaign and start organizing this ourselves? I mean if so many women have it and if we could involve them fairly cheaply through the web, who’s to say we can’t take the power back and make people notice? Hm, I’m kinda motivated. Perhaps this can be my new project. 🙂

    • I say go for it girlfriend. As they say, a small group of committed people can certainly change the world!!

  2. I had a life- until it was stolen from endo during childhood!

    • Awww. Again, so sorry you’ve had to endure this. We all need to band together to make noise about this disease and garner some attention. I’m hoping this blog is the start of that.

      New posts coming soon!


  3. Bloody brilliant campaign slogan. I LOVE IT.

  4. Someone had to say it. We need something to be done in the US. Its been quiet for way too long!

    • I know it – its sickening. The EA should be taking this on and making a huge stink about it. There is so much misunderstanding out there – even by our own families and friends. I hope we can make a difference.

      New posts coming soon!


  5. Hey EndoBitch, I noticed a few other countries – Belgium, Brazil and more also launched campaigns. To your point, let’s get moving!

    • Here here!

  6. We should use youtube as a tool. If any lady is great at acting and can make a fairly well video. (Which isn’t hard) We should just start it that way! It gets millions of viewers.

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