About the Blog

This blog was started to provide a place to get real about endometriosis. Endometriosis is an invisible chronic illness that affects millions of women world-wide.

We are women that have this piece of crap disease – a disease that has no cure, invades and devastates people’s lives, and that is widely misunderstood. We are smart, well-read, and probably know more about endometriosis than most OB-GYNs we’ve met. We have chosen to remain nameless so that we can say what’s really on our minds, without persecution.

That being said, we’re sick of taking one up the tail pipe from doctors, friends, family members, co-workers, and others that don’t understand what we’re going through. We look fine, so we must be fine, right? Wrong. This blog is our attempt to enlighten the world, gain support, and change people’s minds – one bitch at a time.

Cheers –

The Endo Bitches



  1. Thanks for the forum! I am at a loss. About ready to lose a job because i have two controlling assholes for managers that don’t understand “female parts” so therefore they dont’ care when i am out sick. They jus twant to dock my pay. I can’t pay my bills, let alone this awesome doc that does excision in Atlanta Georgia, which mean hotel and airfare cause I am from Texas. But how do I save money when I am not being allowed to work from home. I mean come on I work for a major computer company where everything is done online, there are no customer facing positions in my department, but my managers will not allow me to work from home in comfort and with a nearby toilet. To top that off….insurance is not aproving my intermitten FMLA stating that only 3 days a month off is ok…not more. Yes of course cause endo ONLY shows its face 3 days a month. Great call Insurance man.
    ANY if anyone knows how to deal with these issues please buddy up with me cause i am ready to lose it!!

    • Hey Channon,

      I’m really sorry to hear what you’ve been going through at work. I’ve heard quite a few stories that are very similar from women that come to our support group. Employers are very unaware of the impact of this disease or the fall out. They are very intolerant of anything that is invisible. It’s insane that you can’t work from home – especially with the technology available today. That’s why I think we need a national awareness campaign – I think it would go a long way toward changing how women with this disease are viewed and treated. Everyone knows about cancer but no one knows about this crappy disease. I’m so sorry you’re facing such huge problems. Please know I’m thinking about you and I hope you can make some connections here that make a difference.

      New postings coming soon.


  2. Endobitch…thanks for the reply….and I am totally with you on the national awareness campaign! If you have any information on how or where we could start that or get it moving, I will help in any way I can 🙂

    • Will do. We’re working on it…

  3. PLEASE-National Awareness Campaign! I am so tired of the ignorance surrounding endometriosis! I am not lazy. I am not stressed. I am not experiencing a normal period. It is not all in my head. I am sick off being sick and not being taken seriously! Go get ’em endo bitches!

  4. So true…no one understands, and it isn’t just the chronic physical pain. For years I felt I had to put up with painful cramping periods – then I wondered why I hadn’t got pregnant – to hip dislocations and being unable to walk and all the crap that goes with that. I’m just lucky to have supportive parents and a caring man.

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