Awesome Links

Lack of Endometriosis Surgery Reimbursement in the U.S. Jesus. Talk about injustice. (Endobitch: An embarrassment.)

EndoBitch on YouTube – we have our own channel! Check it out.

EndoBitch on Facebook. Yes, we’re everywhere.

Endometriosis: Stephanie St. James on iVillage.

Stephanie St. James, The Color Purple, and Endo.

New Article: New MRI’s Improve the Diagnosis of Severe Endometriosis.

Oprah: Do a Show on Endo – sign the petition.



  1. Hey EndoBitch,
    You have put an absolute “MUST WATCH” gem here – Lack of Endo Reimbursement Surgery in the U.S. – for anyone with endo, and/or anyone who knows or loves someone with Endo. If you do not understand what you are hearing, it may not compute because it is not reasonable that the world could possibly be doing nothing about this. Your mind will short-out, and disbelieve this information, but remember that the truth is stranger than fiction, This video is real. It is about Endo. It is about you. Please. Watch it Again. Watch it until you say “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”. I am sorry to tell you this EndoBitch, but medical care for women is intertwined with politics. Only bitches get this disease. Who cares about a bunch of bitches whining about monthly excruciating pain? Guess what? For some of us, it becomes daily pain, and it gets worse, and worse….Medical protocol today is at best – ineffective – at worst – harmful – waving a wand at it, and maddening the disease further – this is a complicated disease , yet any OB-Gyn is allowed to take a stab at it with sometimes horrifying results…. – condoned by current medical protocol, so none of us have recourse. The insurance companies dictate that ineffective treatment be used. Please EndoBitch, don’t keep silent. It’s time to go public. Say it with me EndoSis, “I’m mad s hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

    • We’re mad as hell and we’re not gonna take it any more! And guess what – next post may be about this topic. We agree with you 100% and its why there are so many critically ill women living in chronic, debilitating states. The insurance regulations need to change if we are to get the correct treatment that may in fact, change our lives for the better. Thanks for your post. We’re with ya sister!

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