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No offense, but we the Endo Bitches, reserve the right to have some control over this blog. Here’s the deal:

Rules for Participation

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  2. Abide by the golden rule: If you can’t say anything nice…
  3. Keep it real, but no whining.
  4. Post relevant ideas and thoughts. In other words, lets try to stay on topic.

Finally, we reserve the right to delete any comments we find offensive or irrelevant to our posts. Repeated misuse of the comment function will result in banishment from the blog posts.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Peace out.

The Endo Bitches



  1. i just found this blog tonight and i wish i found this years ago. i have had endo since i was in college and painful periods long before that. i also have fibromyalgia, allergies, and migraines. it has disrupted many aspects of my life. i lost my job, friendships, my marriage, and so much of myself thanks to endometriosis. i have been disabled since 2006 because of daily debilitating pain. i am struggling to get assistance through the government but they do not think that endometriosis is serious enough to be disabling. anyway, sorry about my rant. i just want to say that your blog is wonderful and i will be visiting often. i love the idea of ‘endobitch’. we need to be a bitch to get our voice heard! thank you 🙂

    • Hey Nic,

      Sorry about my lapse in replying. I was in a work-related meltdown for about a month trying to wrap up an important commitment and it kind of took over my life!! Wow – you have had it all haven’t you? I don’t think it’s uncommon to have multiple health issues when it comes to endo – most of the women I talk to ocnsider this an autoimmune disease which means you will have related complications when you have endo – such as allergies etc. But then, you probably already know that don’t you?? 🙂 The government programs make me so angry – it’s perfectly legitimate to support people with cancer and AIDS but not endo? It makes no sense. It just goes to show you how little awareness or understanding there is out there. That’s why we need a national campaign AND doctors need to start making a stink on our behalf… Again – thinking about you and hoping things get better. Please come back to visit.

      New posts soon.


    • Hi Nic,
      I agree with you. Endo (as you well know) can be quite disabling. Any of the devastating, life-robbing aspects of endo. are worth us banding together as Endo-bitches to support each other. I, too, am partly disabled. Keep at the Disability Benefits application. I have heard that it takes a few times to get approved. Somehow, the public needs to find out there are a lot of us whose lives are being seriously affected. It’s a great start for someone like Stephanie St. James to go on the news to tell her story of 9 years and no diagnosis – another all too common experience, however, she described her experience as going through labor 12 times a year. That is true for her and it is good that she said so. She was brave to say what she did. But some of us on the more sever spectrum also need to start getting brought into the picture in order to raise the urgency toward helping us. Hope to see you around on the Endo Bitch blog,

  2. Dude! Really?!? I’m JUST now finding this amazing site after all of these years?!? Arrgghh. Well amen sister to everyone’s story – they all touch me (ouch 😉 ) as I sit here inspired by your site and yet lost still to this day after gosh maybe 20 years (Yikes batman, I’m 32… in no way should I be able to tell any self story that begins with 20 YEARS!!! ) But I find irony in my latest flare up… I went through the first 8-9 years undiagnosed, I know alll about the “seeker” label ….that’s awesome. But after being diagnosed, having two laps and being on my second round of Lupron shots (Which I KNOW…..I didn’t want to do – never felt comfortable with…but in a moment of weakness yeah I caved) am now faced with the NO ONE WILL HELP ME scenario again. It’s such a bizarre feeling – I have had my trusty perc script by my side for years now god bless em… and for the first time it’s been two months of taking the heating pad to work, “It’s all in ur head” Trips to the ER…my husband looking at me (after 15 years – hey he should KNOW by now right?!?!? LOL ) like I have split pea soup coming out of my revolving head and telling me to calm down when I’m goin off on another ignorant doubting nurse that hesitantly gives you that little shot of morphine (and I swear it’s a placebo with a bit of volume added in cuz it didn’t do crap!) and I’m feeling like I’m in Seinfield’s Bizzaro world! I am literally searching for and begging dr’s to give me the lap – They keep either saying they can’t find anything or (my favorite….) Oh those Ovarian cysts and fibroid tumors are all over in there, but relatively small and shouldn’t be causing you THIS kind of pain..I think your just constipated….LMAO REALLY!?!?!? Now ladies I know gettin backed up can feel REALLY horrible but come on now…for us endo bitches…that’s a walk in the park am I right?? LOL I looked at my husband in the ER next to me as I had just been diagnosed with CONSTIPATION…. his face lit up as comedic material to share with his friends started playing through his head and gave him the pre emptive shut the hell up and you can leave now flew out of my mouth with lightening speed. Anyways – going to a new victim tomorrow to harass and wear down til he puts me under hopefully..wish me luck and likewise to all you out there – hope I could add a chuckle to your day – that’s all we can do is laugh right? Well when we’re not putting someone in check…;) peace n chicken grease ladies xoxoxo

    • Hey littlerach,

      I just found this blog too and I’m loving it!!

      If you happen to see this comment, I just started a blog at and I would love to chat with you if you wanna. It sounds like we have a lot in common.

      Take it easy,

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